Less Rain’s Code of Conduct / Do’s & Dont’s when using Less Rain’s Services




-  Less Rain games may only be played on the platforms provided, via the access made available by Less Rain, and in accordance with the applicable rules.


-  The User may not assign or offer to assign its License Agreement or account to third parties.


 - Access data and account data must be kept secret; this does not include disclosure to statutory representatives.



Fair Play


- Creating or using hacks, cheats or other tools that alter Less Rain’s Services or affect the gaming experience is not permitted. Similarly, the User is prohibited from any manner of cheating, exploiting errors or bugs, and using exploits.


- The User may not disrupt the gaming procedure at wooga, or employ any mechanisms or use any software or take any measures that might disrupt or damage the functioning of Less Rain or render it less efficient.


- Exchanging, offering or selling elements of wooga’s Services (e.g. units, virtual currency, coins, wooga cash, points, virtual goods) outside Less Rain is not permitted.


- Spying out Less Rain, its platforms or other Users (e.g. by employing tools, emulating protocols, or tunnelling) and illegally collecting data during use of Less Rain’s Services are prohibited.



Copyright, Third-Party Rights


- The User many not alter or modify Less Rain’s Services beyond their designated usage.


- Using, copying and passing on Less Rain’s Services is expressly prohibited, unless Less Rain has expressly granted permission. Mention of Less Rain ‘s name and its trademarks may not be removed or altered. The User is not allowed to circumvent technical measures for protecting Less Rain’s Services or to decompile or disassemble Less Rain’s Services with the aid of software, IT systems or in any other manner.


- The User may not use Less Rain’s Services for any commercial purpose.


- The User may not post or use any content on the platform (e.g. user name, texts, pictures, photos, videos) that breaches statutory regulations or infringes third-party rights.





The following are all prohibited:


- Insults, libel and slander in relation to other Users, less rain’s employees and third parties; fraudulent content; inciting illicit behaviour; threats, coercion and personal attacks; provocative and aggressive utterances.


- Unethical, obscene, indecent and pornographic content (e.g. pictures and descriptions of violence or injuries; nude pictures or drawings; texts relating to sex or lewd objects or behaviour); deprecating or discriminating comments; content glorifying violence; and content apt to encourage or glorify hatred, violence or discrimination.


- Curses and swear words; harassing Less Rain, other Users or third parties, e.g. with junk mail, spam or chain letters; all manner of advertising; publishing identities, personal or confidential data as well as individual communications without the permission of the person(s) concerned.


- The User may not provide, describe, apply, circulate, support, link or specify the source of any malware (e.g. computer viruses, Internet worms, Trojan horses, hoaxes, dialers).